August 4, 1985: Thief River Falls Coca-Cola Triathlon,     
     Winners: Jim Nelson, Grand Forks 37:48, Michelle Puetz, Thief River Falls 46:56
     Highlights: 250 yard swim, 8 mile bike, 2 mile run, 51 finishers, only time the race was held on Sunday.

August 2, 1986:  2nd Annual Thief River Falls Coca-Cola Triathlon          
     Winners: Jim Langland, TRF 45:11, Christy Puetz, TRF 50:04
     Highlights: Distance increased to 300yard swim, 8 mile bike, 2.5 mile run, warm and sunny (45 finishers)

July 25, 1987:  3rd Annual Thief River Falls Pepsi-Cola Triathlon     
     Winners: Todd Brecto, Grand Forks 39:39, Christy Puetz, TRF 48:26
     Highlights: Distances further increased to 350 yard swim, 8 mile bike, 2.5 mile run, 42 finishers.

July 23, 1988 4th Annual Thief River Falls Pepsi-Cola Triathlon     
     Winners: Todd Becto, Grand Forks 59:25, Penny Langland, Thief River Falls 1:19:38
     Highlights: Distances increased to the current 500 yard swim, 12 mile bike and 3 mile run, Final event in Dakota Clinic Fitness Challenge, 48 finishers, strong south wind.

July 29, 1989:  5th Annual Thief River Falls Pepsi-Cola Triathlon
     Winners: John Deden, Bemidji 1:00:09, Penny Langland, TRF 1:14:59
     Highlights:  41 finishers, little wind, Frank Farrar of Britton, SD sets the first of his 4 age group records winning 60-64 age group in 1:13:26

July 21, 1990:  6th Annual Thief River Falls Pepsi-Cola Triathlon
     Winners: John Deden, Bemidji 56:44, Penny Langland, TRF 1:11:48
     Highlights:  Penny becomes events only 3 time consecutive winner, ideal weather: little wind and cool.

July 20, 1991:  7th Annual TRF Pepsi-Cola Triathlon  
     Winners: Jim Sandor, Winnipeg 55:36, Mikey Guzej, Winnipeg 1:05:07
     Kid’s Tri: Brian Thompson, Karlstad 19:20, Kate Ihle, TRF 21:07 (24 finishers)
     Highlights: Relay categories added and first Kid’s Triathlon, Race start delayed due to thunderstom, 32 finishers.

June 20, 1992:  8th Annual TRF Pepsi-Cola Triathlon
     Winners: Steve Kramer, Burnsville 54:44, Deb Motz-Sandor, Winnipeg 1:10:08
     Kid’s Tri:  Brian Thompson, Karlstad 18:28, Jenny Flynn, TRF 20:26 (19 finishers)
     Highlights:  38 finishers

June 12, 1993:  9th Annual TRF Pepsi-Cola Triathlon, pool party
     Winners: Mike Sweney, Grand Forks 58:34, Mikey Guzej, Winnipeg 1:07:14
     Kid’s Tri: Brian Thompson, Karlstad 18:36, Drew Neuharth, Bismarck 19:50 (27 finishers)
     Highlights: Thief River Falls Civil Air Patrol provides course support and communications for first time.  First year sanctioned by Triathlon Federation USA and first year used as fund raiser for TRF Swim Club, 41 finishers.

June 11, 1994:  10th Annual Thief River Falls Pepsi-Cola Triathlon,
     Winners: Jim Sandor, Winnipeg 1:00:38, Deb Motz-Sandor, Winnipeg 1:12:58
     Kid’s Tri: Brian Thompson, Karlstad 17:18, Laurel Ronchetti, TRF 20:56 (18 finishers)
     Highlights:  Wet weather and strong northwest winds, 29 finishers.

June 10, 1995:  11th Annual Thief River Falls Pepsi Triathlon
     Winners:  Ric Rosenkranz, Grand Forks 54:13, Sara Rosenkranz, Grand Forks 1:05:48
     Kid’s Tri: Paul Leister, TRF 18:38, Jamie Gremmels, Duluth 28:11 (10 finishers)
     Highlights: 18 finishers

May 25, 1996 12th Annual TRF Pepsi Triathlon
     Winners:  Ric Rosenkranz, Grand Forks 55:23, Sara Rosenkranz, Grand Forks 1:05:28
     Kid’s Tri: Paul Leister, TRF 17:27, Laura Thomas, East Grand Forks 25:19 (9 finishers)
     Highlights:  33 finishers, near ideal weather.

May 24, 1997 13th Annual TRF Pepsi Triathlon
     Winners: Robert Gilles, Fargo 54:36, Pam Hermes, Fargo 1:11:33
     Kid’s Tri: Aaron Bendickson, TRF 19:08, Laura Thomas, East Grand Forks 24:59 (17 finishers)
     Highlights: 21 finishers

May 23, 1998:  14th Annual TRF Pepsi Triathlon
     Winners: John Shelp, Glencoe 58:58, Dominique Gzebowski, Winnipeg 1:07:03 (15 years old youngest winner ever in the event)     
     Kid’s Tri: Dane Kjono, TRF 18:00, Anna Pederson, Alexandria 22:19 (16 finishers)
     Highlights: 76 finishers, Frank Farrar sets 65-69 age group record at 1:26:15.    

May 22, 1999:  15th Annual TRF Pepsi Triathlon
     Winners: Rod Gilles, Luverne 54:37, Lisa Knudson, Portland, ND 1:15:12
     Kid’s Triathlon: Lucas Morgenson, Alexandria 19:11, Alycia Smith, Winnipeg 23:37 (8 finishers)
     Highlights: 86 finishers,  event moved to the weekend before Memorial Day for the first time.

May 20, 2000:  16th Annual TRF Pepsi Triathlon
     Winners: Phillipe Chabot, Winnipeg 58:27, Chris Haukos, St. Cloud 1:08:00
     Kid’s Tri: Jesse Sich, TRF 17:48, Casey Engelstad, TRF 21:49 (8 finishers)
     Highlights: 75 finishers, Frank Farrar sets 70-74 age group record at 1:34:02

May 19, 2001:  17th Annual TRF Pepsi Triathlon
     Winners: Al Scott, Winnipeg 56:15, Chris Haukos, St. Cloud 1:06:27
     Kid’s Tri: Christopher Larson, Crookston 21:48, Mary Wethor, Minot 22:35 (4 finishers)
     Highlights: 87 finishers, strong north winds.

May 18, 2002: 18th Annual TRF Pepsi Triathlon
     Winners: Kevin Breiter, Winnipeg 56:20, Jill Dobrinsky, Winnipeg 1:08:14
     Kid’s Tri: Blake Collison, Bemidji 19:46, Maggie Manske, Bemidji 21:43 (24 finishers)
     Highlights:  www.trftri.org website goes online and results in largest ever field with 114 finishers and 6 waves, cold stiff north winds.

May 17, 2003:  19th Annual TRF Pepsi Triathlon,
     Winners: Luke Nelson, St. Paul 59:19, Heather Gilbertson, Eagan 1:11:02
     Kid’s Tri: Mary Wethor, Minot AFB, age 10, 19:55,     Chris Larson, Crookston, age 10, 21:10 (13 finishers)
     Highlights:  rain and wind, 90 finishers with field now limited to 100 entrants, filled one day prior to race.

May 22, 2004:  20th Annual TRF Pepsi Triathlon
     Winners: Luke Nelson, St. Paul 59:19, Teresa Samek, Winnipeg 1:07:35
     Kid’s Tri: Alex Johnson, Grand Forks 20:33, Summer Ellefson, Park Rapids 20:37 (13 finishers)
     Highlights: Run course changed to eliminate bike-run crossover.  Gps measurement shows old run course to be 3.28 miles and new course 3.27 miles.  100 entry limit reached one week prior to event.

May 21, 2005:  21st Annual TRF Dakota Clinic Triathlon
     Winners: Patrick Mahoney, Grand Forks 1:00:02, Jill Dobrinsky, Winnipeg 1:07:46
     Kid’s Tri: Max Van deLeygraaf, Winnipeg 18:53, Hayley Gusdal, Winnipeg 26:43 (13 finishers)
     Highlights: Rain, 99 finishers, Frank Farrar of Britton, SD sets his fourth age group record in 75 & over division.  Race fills one month prior to event.

May 20, 2006:  22nd Annual TRF Dakota Clinic Triathlon
     Winners: Dan Morwood, Kenora 57:03, Kimberly Macdonald, Winnipeg 1:07:27
     Kid’s Tri:  Mike Dyrdal, TRF 19:54, Hayley Gusdal, Winnipeg 21:27 (28 finishers)
     Highlights:  92 finishers, north winds gusting over 25 mph.  100 entrant limit reached on March 29.

May 19, 2007:  23rd Annual Dakota Clinic Triathlon
Winners:  Dan Morwood, Kenora 57:50,  Erin Seaverson, St. Paul 1:15:26
Kid’s Tri:  Steven Keogh, Thief River Falls 18:01,  Kyra King, Winnipeg 22:07 (13 finishers)
Highlights:  93 finishers with 40 degree temperatures and another strong north wind. 100 entrant limit reached on March 31.

May 17, 2008: 24th Annual TRF MeritCare Triathlon
Winners: Tim Sykes, Fertile 1:06:24,  Edie Fisher 1:08:07
Kid’s Tri: Taylor Klopp, Thief River Falls 19:56, Kyra King, Winnipeg 20:21 (18 finishers)
Highlights:  83 finishers, partly cloudy temps in the 60’s with strong northwest winds.

May 16, 2009: 25th Annual TRF MeritCare Triathlon
Winners: Riley MacCharles, Winnipeg 59:12, Dawn Huck, Winnipeg 1:21:36
Kid’s Tri: Darian Hole, Winnipeg 18:03, Alexis Ljunggren, East Grand Forks 20:30 (26 finishers)
Highlights:  MacCharles at age 16 is youngest winner in the 25 year history of the event, Neil King sets his third age group record, temps in the 30’s and another strong northwest wind, 84 finishers with 100 entrant limit reached on April 2.

May 22, 2010: 26th Annual TRF MeritCare Triathlon
Winners: Riley Unger, Winnipeg 57:18,  Ashlyn Cortvrinedt, Winnipeg 1:11:03 (90 finishers)
Kid’s Tri:  Luc Fournier, Winnipeg 17:33, Alexis Ljunggren, East Grand Forks 18:35 (34 finishers)
Highlights:  15 new age group and event records set in the 2 events this day including Frank Farrar now establishing the 80 & over record.   Wind was only moderate from the southeast and light sprinkles gave way to clear skies.  Cortvrinedt becomes the youngest winner in event history and Ljunggren sets new course record.  Largest field in the history of the Hugo’s Kid’s Triathlon

May 21, 2011: 27th Annual TRF Sanford Triathlon
Winners: Riley Unger, Winnipeg, 55:12, Hannah Humphries, Winnipeg, 1:15:08
Kid’s Tri: Noah Wiens, Winnipeg, 17:32, Nicole Minkevick, Winnipeg, 19:18
Highlights: MeritCare became Sanford Health and our name changed yet again.  Our founder and race director of 26 years, Jim Langland, moved away.  Before he left he asked Kurt Possai to take over as race director.  That really meant that Kurt’s wife Kathleen took over much of the organizational duties only to discover that Jim VASTLY understated the amount of work this race requires.  Fortunately, Jim returned on race day to continue on as our “human megaphone” and helped us make it through the day which was no easy task since our computer crashed mid race eating all of our split times.  We finished our day with little bloodshed but some marital discourse as Kathleen laid down the ultimatum that without chip timing she was DONE.

May 19, 2012: 28th Annual TRF Sanford Triathlon
Winners: Riley Unger, Winnipeg, 54:39, Kyla Roy, , 1:12:03
Kid’s Tri: Jici Roy, St. Pierre-Jolys, 18:15, Emily Davidson, Winnipeg, 18:21
Highlights: Kurt, truly desiring marital harmony, managed to obtain additional funding from Sanford Health and we hired Pickle Events to chip time our adult race. IT WAS FABULOUS!  We also began working with ZapEvents for our online registration process and things seemed to smooth out and run well.  I’d like to shout out a BIG thank you to all of you who stuck with us during the transition time between race directors.  We appreciate your loyalty and your grace toward us.

May, 2013: We broke our continuous 28 year track record due to a renovation on our middle school pool and the construction of a railway underpass & roundabout on our bike course.  No race this year.